At the start of 2018 I pitched my first webseries pilot based on how I needed to stop buying records, so in order to justify my future purchases I had to ask myself a very important question, "Why Am I Buying This Vinyl?" I reviewed 3 recent purchases at the time and ranked them, it was a ton of fun to make but then I actually stopped buying vinyl. Weird.



A webseries that began as a platform to debate the merits of one rappers verses/versus another rapper evolved into pitting two concepts of any kind against one another. Here I was asked a simple question and gave an easy answer.



Sometime ago I formed a rag tag crew to rehash some Doctor Octagon music live onstage in a Brooklyn Bar. It was a blast!!! Thanks very much to my buddy Matt for catching the whole set on film!! Here was our opener, we performed immediately following the H.G.Wells "War of The Worlds" radio segment where the aliens killed everyone in Manhattan