10/10 Wins!!

Welcome to the official launch of the HARVEY CLIFF website!! It's with an extremely grateful and happy heart that I begin this long overdue, "next phase" in the Harvey Cliff Legacy!! Finally! An All-In-One home base to keep all of my family, friends and fellow freaks informed of whatever it is I'm up to at any given time. Whether art, music or some other type of performance piece you will be able to find it all right here!!! Hit the contact button and sign up for my mailing list so you'll be first to know about whenever new vibrations start to emanate from my mental state. For those asking about prints YES, THEY'RE FINALLY COMING!! But today I'm going to start by selling T-Shirts from the cover of my album with Steel Tipped Dove "Strangers On A Train." It's fitting because Dove helped me launch this site and it's his expertise that have gotten me this far since becoming a full time artist living in Brooklyn. Dove runs an amazing studio there called "Quarter Two Nine" and he can assist with any creative project you could ever think of (Music, Web Design, Artwork, Podcasts, Spoken Word, etc.) You should definitely hit him up steeltippeddove@gmail.com



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